OMG that’s a lot of makeup!!

Whether you’re shocked into panic or politely trying to tell me it’s too much, chances are you will be a little surprised at the intensity of your makeup. There’s a good reason for it too. You ARE wearing a ton of makeup. Having your photo taken by a professional photographer in a studio requires it. There is one thing I can promise: you will look amazing on camera. It’s okay, I’ll talk you through it, just breathe. Your face isn’t flat, a photograph is. Photography creates a 2-dimensional image of a 3-dimensional thing – your face. In a photography studio you will be lit with some mega-watt lights, pose in positions that feel unnatural (but look good) and your image will be reflected through layers of glass in the lens. Your face has natural valleys and plains, highlights and contours, angles and curves; these disappear or become distorted in photography. The job of a professional makeup artist is to ensure your face looks as beautiful in the photograph as it does in person. This requires makeup – and a lot of it. Foundation, while matching your skin tone and color, will be heavier than you are used to. It has to be, there’s a bunch of lights shining right on you. Without a good base, your skin can look patchy, pale and every blemish will be perfectly illuminated. Base makeup creates a solid canvas for the rest of your makeup. Contour and highlighting will give your face its shape. Without it, your face can look flat and wide. Nobody wants to look like Charlie Brown in a portrait so a makeup artist will use darker shadowing to sculpt your cheekbones, jaw line, forehead and nose. We also use highlight to lift your features where needed. In person you may think you’ve got some tiger stripes painted on, but under all those bright lights, it looks very natural. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, but without the right makeup they’ll look like someone forgot to hang the curtains. With shading and color that is probably darker than your everyday wear, a makeup artist will enhance your eyes. Under bright lights, your eyelashes will just about disappear so makeup artists pile on mascara and maybe some falsies to bring your peepers back to life; giving a natural looking lift to your features. You can count on your eyebrows to wash out under those bright lights too, so expect some defining and shading. It’s important to wax or pluck your brows a couple of days before your session so they are well shaped but not puffy or red. Your lips look best with some color and a little shine to them. Flat color can be harsh looking on camera, adding a little gloss on top gives you a healthy and happy smile. Lip liner will help structure your lips and avoid “bleeding” past the edges of your lip line. A makeup artist may line slightly on the outside of your natural lip line to help your smile photograph a little fuller. Men are no exception! The boys get a little bronzer, brows filled in, sometimes some mascara to darken lashes and lip balm. No ashy looking lips here. Put all of this together and you may be thinking “oh boy, this makeup makes me look like I have an entirely different profession.” But I promise you, just like I promise all my clients: it will look much lighter on camera.   credit: How to Look Your Best in Corporate Headshots: What Kind of Makeup Do You Need BY KRISTINA MCKEEGAN NIERMAN JAN 15 2014  


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