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The face behind “Makeup by Miss Lu”


My name is Aprille Lu. Pronounce exactly like the month.  Like a typical girly girl, I’ve always been fascinated in anything beauty at a very young age. 

Were you ever caught playing with your mama’s lipstick when you were a kid? and having your mom give you the stink eye while scolding you for ruining her fave lipstick?  Yep, I’m guilty of it. I also remember wanting to grow up real fast so I could wear makeup like grown-ups. The desire to be a makeup artist started for me at a very young age.  I’ve always been a girlie girl.  I spent my childhood playing with my mom’s make up, and my teens giving friends makeovers.  As well I was getting in trouble from my very strict dad for having tweezed my eyebrows too thin and for wearing makeup at 16! Most would vouch how I LOVE anything makeup. Fast forward into my early 20’s; I partnered up with my older brother and ran our own business, then that didn’t go well, so I went to college choosing the Health Care Field, while I secretly do mini makeovers to my 80-something retired senior residents at work.  They’d know I was working that shift when they see that all of my senior’s had their makeup on and were sporting  hot red lipstick at breakfast!  I’ve always been passionate about all things “beauty”.  So, while working in health care has its moments, both rewarding and bad, I realized I needed to do more and to pursue my passion. So finally I  decided to go into beauty school in 2010 not just 1 beauty school but few beauty schools after that. I quickly delved into makeup work by volunteering my time to non paid photoshoots, and slowly gain the experience and exposure I need while gaining contact in the industry.  I also managed to freelance as a makeup artist on the side. I was able to really delve into some creative opportunities by doing  shoots with photographers, which in turn helped build my portfolio, eventually allowing me to practice my creative side. Doing freelance hair and makeup, I realized that bringing out the best in people by emphasizing their natural beauty was not only rewarding for me, but has a powerful effect on how people feel about themselves. I would like to eventually turn my childhood dream into a FULL-TIME career. My goal is to bring you the latest in fashion, make up and all things that make us feel beautiful. I have the ability to bring out the best features in a person with a light touch of makeup and attention to detail. I love what I do more than anything and spend every day perfecting it.  In all honesty, it doesn’t always have to be pretty and, at times, it can be weird and wild looking – but it always has to translate into your canvas what you really want to achieve. Although YES my job is to make you look your best on the outside, its really what’s inside that counts and I believe that if we put an effort into good skin care, (hello SPF lotion)  and we smile a lot, we wont really need a lot of makeup.


January 2019: Makeup Forever masterclass: Editorial photography makeup with Alexandre Deslauriers

2015: TOC hair akademy: Hairstyling program http://tochair.ca/

2014: JB Lash eyelash extension certificate
The Esthetic Institute Training Center: Calgary Alberta

2014: Modern Beauty SENSCIENCE UP-DO Class: Calgary Alberta

2014: CLOSE-UP: The Ultimate Beauty Workshop; Mac Cosmetics: Calgary Alberta

2013: Advance Makeup Artistry DIPLOMA Program: Calgary Alberta
NUMA International Institute of Makeup and Design

2013: Hair Design: Calgary, Alberta
NUMA International Institute of Makeup and Design

2010: Makeup Artistry Diploma Marvel college: Calgary Alberta

Aprille resides in Calgary, Alberta. She continues to further her education on a constant basis by taking “beauty” courses within Calgary and Vancouver that will help her grow as an artist. She is mobile and works with very talented, certified and experienced stylists in the industry  and service Alberta and area and willing to travel on location to Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Red Deer, Priddis, Cochrane, Olds and Waterton Alberta, Kelowna, Vancouver BC

heres some behind the scenes photos:

behind the scenes pictures

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